Good news: the contagions have plateaued and the COVID-19 hospital in Milan outskirts has been completed

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A group of Italian administrators and politicians, both center-right and center-left, has bought a full-page ad in the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) to encourage Germany to show greater solidarity in the face of the crisis triggered by the coronavirus’ pandemic. Among the signatories, together with the inspirer of the initiative, the former Minister of Economic Development and current MEP Carlo Calenda, there are Beppe Sala, Giorgio Gori, Stefano Bonaccini and Giovanni Toti. Yesterday also PM has released an interview on the German channel ARD. After Dutch Finance Minister, Hoekstra, has admitted he lacked empathy and made a wrong communication in last EUCO which have determined strong reactions in other EU countries as well as in Netherlands. On the economic consequences, it is the appeal from Confindustria, the major Italian businesses association. In its report published this morning, the Association estimates a loss of 6% of GDP in 2020, considering the end of the hardest epidemiological phase by May; the cost of lockdown of not-essential activities is estimated to be 0.75% of GDP per week.
Meanwhile, today there will be a meeting between PM Giuseppe Conte and the opposition Parties, Lega, Forza Italia and Fratelli d'Italia. Salvini, while praising again a future political engagement of Mario Draghi, asks for a general tax amnesty to deploy 200 billions as economic recovery package. Meloni, on the contrary, is less optimistic on Draghi involvement, but she proposes 1.000 euros, directly in the bank account, for Italians who have lost their jobs, with no income. Berlusconi will present an economic stimulus package that plans to reach at least 100 billions, to finance healthcare, social spending and large and small businesses. As per the ongoing Government economic recovery package, the trade unions, together with the Italian Banking Association (ABI) and the Ministry of Labour, have formalized an agreement through which the redundancy payments for workers will be anticipated by banks, speeding up all the procedures. Vito Crimi, the pro-tempore leader of the Five Stars Movement, has recalled a universal basic income proposal as (on the same page with Beppe Grillo), which foresee an unconditional guaranteed loan: 10.000 euros for individuals and autonomous workers, and up to 250.000 euros for businesses. The institutional stress between the Central Government and Regions continues. The Governor of Piemonte, Cirio, supported by a center-right majority, wants extraordinary power to deal with COVID-19. On the opposite, Beppe Sala, Mayor of Milan, in his interview to Repubblica admits that, in times of crisis, the 20-regions system has failed and once the coronavirus emergency is over, it will have to be reformed.
Yesterday we want to close Sum Up with two good news: according to the Higher Institute of Health, the contagions have plateaued and the COVID-19 hospital in Milan outskirts has been completed, relieving the stress of Lombardy’s healthcare system.


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