The Government has approved a new Decree

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In yesterday Council of Ministers meeting, the Government has approved a new Decree on tougher penalties for those who violate the ban on leaving home, except for work or health reasons. The hypothesis is to provide for a fine between 400 and 3.000 euros for those who are not compliant with This is one of the hypotheses that could be contained in a new COVID-19 sanctions decree. Additionally, the new Decree introduces rules of "clarity" between the national decrees, launched so far, and the many Regional and Local provisions. In the afternoon press release, PM Conte has announced that he will refers to Parliament every 15 days, in order to reinforce the relationship between Government and Parliament.
Meanwhile, in Parliamentary hearing, Minister of Economy, Gualtieri, recalls the urgence of approval of the Decree so called Cura Italia, whose examination has started today. The Minister has invited the MPs to focus all further economic and fiscal measures proposal towards the so called Decree on April, expecting to issue by the first week of next month and before 16th April fiscal deadlines. It is possible majority and opposition will agree on a limited number of amendments (50/60 per Political Group), in order to accelerate the conversion in Law of the Decree. During the hearing many questions are asked on the Italian Government position at EU playground, with attention to the use of resources of the ESM Fund. The Italian sherpa are working on the possibility to suspend conditionalities clauses. Even if German economists and policy makers, as well as Italian Center- right opposition parties are refractory to the idea. The initial cooperation between Northern and Southern Countries of EU against COVID-19 has lasted only for some days, leaving room to rooted cleavage. The discussion on ESM will be in the agenda at EUCO meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, particularly after the failure of today Eurogroup meetings, where a consensus but not unanimity, has been reached on the proposal to use ECCL (Enhanced Conditions Credit Line) - within ESM umbrella - with a limit of 2% GDP of the Member State which will use it.
On the daily fight against Covid-10, in the next three days, the Government will look for experts who can suggest the best technological solution s to be used to monitor the epidemiological trends, in order to find solutions with effectiveness, technical applicability and respect citizens' privacy as much as possible. One of the first ideas circulated is to create an application that citizens will have to download to their smartphone, inspired to South Korean strategy. A 'contact tracing' activity that many consider the winning measure to stem the spread of the infection because it is able to trace the movements of the asymptomatics, that seems to be the hypothesis that the Italian government is currently attracting more.


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